Shock wave therapy for heel pain

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EXTRA CORPOREAL SHOCKWAVE THERAPY   Is a relatively new treatment available for patients with soft tissue and  chronic tendon issues.


Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is now available in Glasgow and is offered by one of the GSSS surgeons for painful heel and Achilles tendon problems. It is an expensive procedure and is only appropriate for some patients.   

What is it?

This is a new form of treatment where shockwaves generated by a hand held device are passed through the tissues to induce a healing response.

What can be treated?

This form of therapy is suitable for chronic painful conditions of heel (plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendon inflammations and other chronic injuries around shoulder and elbow joints.

How is it administered?

The therapy is given as a 10 minute weekly session over a period of 3 weeks, administered as an outpatient treatment, doesn’t require any injections or anaesthetic.

Does it work?

This treatment has been tested in a number of clinical trials and has been approved by both the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the UK and the Food and Drug Administration in the USA.

How does it work?

The shock waves produce a degree of healing response within the tissues which increase the blood circulation around the area of inflammation. This in turn triggers accelerated healing in the area.

Where is it available?

ESWT is now available at the Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital and patients can directly contact them(details under contact us) to arrange an appointment with Mr Senthil Kumar, our GSSS Consultant Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon who will carry out the assessment and also administer the treatment if found suitable. It is also available in Physiotherapy clinics in Glasgow

Mr Senthil Kumar

Consultant Foot& Ankle Surgeon GSSS


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