Patient resources

ACL exercise programme

Post op ACL exercises updated from original exercise programme developed in 2017 and written in conjunction with Glasgow sports surgery service.
1st Nov 2018

Upper Limb Hydrotherapy Programme

Upper Limb Hydrotherapy Programme for patients is available on the patient resources section.To be carried out under the supervision of a Physiotherapist.
27th Nov 2013

Hydrotherapy Programme

Hydrotherapy Programme
27th Nov 2013

Shock wave therapy for heel pain

New treatment available for chronic heel pain
22nd Jan 2012

Pendular exercises

Pendular exercises are usually carried out in the early after shoulder surgery. They can also be a good way of keeping a painful shoulder moving.
16th Nov 2010

Hip Impingement

  In instances where there is a physical abnormality in the hip joint this movement results in an impingement at the margin of the socket. See Physiotherapy protocols for available on the website that explain Hip impingement in more deta
13th Jan 2009

Total hip arthroplasty

A document examining total hip arthroplasty
13th Jan 2009

Ankle Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) involves the use of fibre optic cameras and very small surgical tools to examine and operate on the ankle.
11th Jan 2009