Patient resources

Core Strengthening Programme

Physiotherapy exercise programme designed to strengthen core muscles to help alleviate hip and back pain.
29th Jan 2018

A patient guide to Hip Impingement Non-Surgical Management

A patient guide to non-surgical hip impingement and physiotherapy management leaflet.
17th Dec 2013

A patient guide to Hip Impingement Surgical Management

A Physiotherapy led patient guides to Hip Impingement developed in Glasgow for non surgical and surgical Management are available in patient resources.   A new programme for hip resurfacing will be produced in the next few week
17th Dec 2013

Hip Impingement

  In instances where there is a physical abnormality in the hip joint this movement results in an impingement at the margin of the socket. See Physiotherapy protocols for available on the website that explain Hip impingement in more deta
13th Jan 2009

Total hip arthroplasty

A document examining total hip arthroplasty
13th Jan 2009

Hip resurfacing

A document examining hip resurfacing.
13th Jan 2009